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Top 5 Highlights from Google I/O 2017

This year’s Google developer conference saw the launch of all of the exciting new products and services from the tech giant. The keynote, where they showcased all things Google for the upcoming year gave us an insight into a range of upcoming releases over the 3 day event. If you don’t want to know of

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Google’s Self-Driving Car Still Require Human Assistance

Google Self Driving Car

The company has announced that its engineers took manual control of Google’s autonomous vehicles 341 times, having nearly been in 13 crashes between September 2014 and November 2015. Of the 341 incidents, 272 were caused by technology and system failure. The technical problems were established within itself, ranging from sensors malfunctioning to software issues.  According

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Google Nexus Phone – The Great Unveil

A lot of buzz had been going around about Google’s upcoming Nexus phones. Well, finally they have made the big reveal and unveiled their latest launch, the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P. The launch was made on Tuesday, September 29th. This is Google’s latest attempt to grab a small chunk from Apple’s quite dominant

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‘New Treats’ To Be Unveiled By Google By The End Of This Month

There’s a lot going on, and Google plans to bring quite a few good things this month for its fans. After pulling the invites’ trigger, Google plans to hold a press conference by the end of this month. Among many other things, the company is looking forward to unveil it’s upcoming Nexus device; a very

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