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Top Tech Essentials For Students

Starting university soon? It’s a big change, but here at Laptop Outlet we’re here to help! Between buying pot and pans and trying to find recipes for stuff that’ll take no more than 10 minutes to cook, tech is another hurdle to climb over. In the comfort of your house everything is there, but what

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Laptop Buying Guide

Laptops give you the power of a desktop computer whilst also letting you work, surf and do a world of things on the go. There was a time when laptops were considered the lesser between the two but today so many laptops are available and some have better specs than traditional desktops, from big brands

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Student Survival Guide (Tech Edition)


Student life is known to be stressful, busy and on-the-go, so we at Laptop Outlet have compiled a series of tips to make it easier for you. Keeping in mind student budgets (with student finance, student loans, student accommodation to worry about), we have listed some of our student-friendly products, which are surprisingly affordable without

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