The Levi’s commute jacket that lets you control your smartphone

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The Levi’s smart denim jacket in collaboration with Google that was announced a year ago is finally going on sale! And great news for everyone because it’s compatible with both Android and iPhone. The amazing part is that if you swipe or tap the left cuff, you can control your smartphone with it (wow!). The high-tech jacket is going to go on sale for $350 and the target market is for people who commute by bike, but the price suggests only die-hard techies or Levi’s fans will be interested in splashing out on it. Continue reading to find out more about this Levi’s-Google collab!

Levi’s standard trucker jackets are sold at $148 so the smart jacket is a lot more expensive, but it’s far from the most expensive designer jacket out there, and has some cool features along with a stunning design.

Want to know the time? Just brush your fingers on the jacket. Listening to music on the commute? All you need to do is swipe to play, pause or skip a track. You might be thinking it can get confusing getting to know the gestures but there’s an Android app for that! The companion app is called Project Jacquard and it’ll let you choose which gesture to use with drag and drop motions.

Levi’s states: The Levi’s commuter trucker jacket with Jacquard by Google has touch and gesture interactivity woven into the sleeve. When paired with your phone, a simple brush or tap on the sleeve lets you stay connected to your music, navigation and friends without stopping to reach for your pocket.


levi's tech jacket

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A jacket that lets you control your smartphone on the go? You might be thinking that there must be a catch. Well it’s made out of a special jacquard fabric that you can only wash 10 times before the ‘smart’ feature stops working. This is off-putting especially with the $350 price tag it comes with. But how often do we actually wash our jackets?

Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh said a few years ago that he hadn’t washed his jeans for over a year! With that being said, the fabric works a bit like a leather jacket that starts to look better over time, so you don’t need to think about washing it regularly.

It lets you control your smartphone and looks good on! What’s not to love? The Levi’s jacket will be available in some Levi’s stores and online on October 2nd. Will fashion and tech collabs like this one be the next big thing? Keep up to date on this and more of the latest tech news at

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