Black Friday News 2015: Our eBay store LaptopOutletDirect sold over 10,000 Windows Linx 7 Tablets in just 2 days


Black Friday 2015 was eBay’s biggest shopping day of the year, and our eBay store LaptopOutletDirect played a huge part in the incredible sales eBay experienced on the day. The commerce giant eBay made use of their busiest week (Black Friday/Cyber Monday) to give a profile to small businesses within the UK, and the strategy was a huge success.

We sold over 10,000 Windows Linx 7 Tablets with our incredible Black Friday exclusive price of only £39.99, and other tech products by LaptopOutletDirect also featured in eBay Daily Deals. Even Microsoft was shocked at our amazing Black Friday price for the high-quality Linx 7 tablet:

Windows Linx 7 Tablets

 “Black Friday is our busiest day of the year and lots of work is done behind the scenes to make sure we’ve got genuine offers and low prices for customers – particularly on products for gifting ahead of Christmas. It’s actually a chance to build value with new customers. Black Friday gives you the opportunity to interact with customers who will look towards you in the future.”

Manu Hussain, Managing Director of Laptop Outlet

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