How to Take Most Out Of Your Samsung Smartphone


A lot of people who don’t like Apple phones due to its iOS and other features, end up buying an android smartphone. From vast variety available in android phones, the most preferred brand is Samsung. From features to design to price, Samsung is best in everything, no wonder masses are crazily attracted towards its smartphones.
Most of the Samsung smartphone users especially those who are using recent models like S4/5 or Galaxy Note3/4 may be missing out on enjoying a load of benefits that make your life more fun. There are some exclusive apps which can play a major role in simplifying your life. Have a look at them:

Samsung Galaxy Life

This amazing app is like a reward for loyal Samsung customers. By installing Samsung Galaxy Life you get exclusive offers, promotions and deals on multiple outlets. Apart from discount vouchers you also get free giveaways which can be claimed inside the app. It also sends you alerts when there is an offer at an outlet near your location. Whether you like it or not, your wallet will definitely love this app.

Samsung Link

Transferring data from your smartphone to PC or tablet is not a problem anymore, thanks to Samsung Link. It saves all your videos, pictures and other documents in a Samsung account which can be accessed from any device and anywhere. Apart from PC and tabs, it will also works on Samsung TV. This app is also capable of backing up your content on Cloud. So anything that is saved on your device can now accessed on other devices as well.

Samsung SportsFlow

This app will surely make sports lovers go crazy. You don’t have to visit multiple sites to get latest updates on your sports anymore, with Samsung SportsFlow you can access information on all sports from one place. It includes results and news of all the popular sports like football, golf, motor sports, etc. It also supports media content so you get a chance to see video of special moments in a match. To add more fun, it comes with a Predict & Win tab where you can guess the results and if your guess is correct you get prizes like tickets or Samsung devices.

Samsung’s KidsTime

Letting your kid use your smartphone so you can enjoy some moments of peace has become a part of daily routine for many. Before handing your phone to your kid it is better to turn it to kid’s mode. It comes with more than 80 educational apps which help your kid read and learn in a fun way. Coming with a timer it restricts the usage of a particular app for certain time. You can also adjust its setting so your child can not access those apps which you don’t want him to. Popular cartoon characters help your child learn new things and also strengthen your child’s reading and writing skills.

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