Best Android Apps for Driving


Though it is better not to use your phone while driving but sometimes using it can save you from many problems. Smartphones let us use hundreds of apps which help us in everything from cooking to learning to office work. Where we can find apps for all other things we also get a number of driving apps. These apps help you in having a smooth and less painful trips whether you are going to another city or just a few blocks away. Here are some great traffic apps you should use while driving.


unnamed (2)Waze is an amazing app that lets you know everything you want to know while driving. It alerts you if there is an accident or traffic jam on your route so you can avoid it and take the other road. You can also create your own profile and share that information on Facebook as well. The app pulls information from other users and guides you accordingly. Waze is definitely a must have driving companion.


mzl.shuaiaogGasBuddy is another user powered app which helps you in scoping out a gas station. It gives you the latest gas prices and lets you filter out the search as where you can find a gas station which offers diesel or the one that accepts credit cards. Gas Buddy is also planning to launch coupon portal shortly which will let you save money while looking up for gas. And the coupons would be used on some most convenient and famous stores.

Best Parking

unnamed (3)The most annoying thing while driving is not finding a place to park. Finding a perfect place for parking can be a tiresome job. Best Parking lets you find best parking spots, it is a great help especially when you are at a place for the very first time. If you get the premium up grade you get advance search.


DriveModeWe often experience those tempting moments when the phone buzzes while you are driving and you try to avoid looking at it. DriveMode is an app developed by AT&T, it silences the phone and does not send any alert so you don’t get distracted. You can either enable it yourself or the accelerometer of your phone senses when you are driving and automatically silences it. But the only drawback of this app is it is only available for AT&T devices.


Screen-Shot-2012-07-07-at-14.27.55Pakmobile is vastly use by many private and public parking lot these days. This amazing app lets you pay for the parking right from the android. Forget about finding for the change, just create an account and pay through your mobile. The account gets connected with PayPal, Visa or Credit Card.

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