Samsung makes comeback with the Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus

S8,S8 plus

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming, and after the company faced the catastrophe of the Galaxy Note 7 and were forced to scrap it, they are depending on the S8’s upcoming release to revive their smartphone momentum.

Last month, Samsung announced that they will permanently discontinue the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone as multiple devices caught fire, forcing the company to half production. Samsung’s trademark smartphone features and unique picture quality has allowed the company to keep hold of their sincere customer base, despite the catastrophe. Investors have not lost faith in the company, as the share price remains steady. The Galaxy Note 7 was a crucial rival to the iPhone 7; however the replacement of millions of the device and its subsequent scrapping cost the company hugely.

Samsung is planning on introducing a newer and larger model of the Galaxy S8 called the Galaxy S8 Plus. Both smartphones will feature EDGE displays and a new design with a new bezel-less design so the size is not much bigger than the previous Galaxy Note 7 –which the S8 is actually replacing, since it was scrapped.

Samsung failed to compete with the iPhone 7 due to the Galaxy Note 7 disaster; however they have a head start with their new bezel-less design on the S8 Plus, as it’s something Apple is also expected to use in the iPhone 8, when it’s launched next year. The iPhone 8 and its premium version are both expected to feature an all-touch front panel along with the Home Key inside the new OLED display which will allow more room for the display as well as an enhanced viewer experience.

Samsung devices are known for their incredible visual quality; however the company needs to take it even further with the S8 Plus, taking into consideration the Note 7 they have to make up for. 4k display panels, a bigger battery and UHD panels are all areas that Samsung can experiment with, to win back their users and bring the company back into direct competition with Apple.


What’s in the S8?

The S8 will have a 5.7” OLED display, whilst the premium version – S8 Plus, will have a larger 6.2” panel. The new design means that the size of the S8 plus won’t be much bigger than the S8, even with the much bigger screen size.

So far, we know the Galaxy S8 has a number of interesting additional features such as Samsung’s new digital assistant Viv, new processing technology, a dual-lens camera, improved RAM, Android 7.0 Nougat and enhanced optimisation for the ultimate user experience.


As well as these exciting launches, Samsung has confirmed that their Galaxy Note range will be back in 2017. This means we have more to look forward to aside from the S8 & S8 Plus, and new releases from LG & HTC.

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