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Tablets in recent years have become an ever so loved and popular device; great for home use and travelling. Whether you’re a gaming fanatic or in need of some simple entertainment whilst on the move, you have access to so many apps and games with a tablet! I suppose after the end of Angry Birds, it can be a little hard finding a game that you like, and it’s tricky figuring out whether or not you should pay for a game, in the off chance you don’t like it. Difficult, isn’t it? Well, put your wallet away and stop worrying! Here at Laptop Outlet, we’ve made finding a game for your tablet easy, with our top free gaming picks.

Temple Run 2

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Booby traps, secret doors, passage ways and mazes. Temple Run 2 is definitely one of the best free apps available! Every kid idolised the hero that made the great escape, and yearns for a treasure hunting adventure. Well, you owe it to your inner child to accept this quest! The first Temple was such a success, that a second was released introducing new challenges and quests, different locations, new characters and pitfalls, plus plenty more. This game is quick and easy to grasp with simple controls like swipe and tilt motions, so you don’t need loads of practise to be good at it, and you’ll never be stuck on the same quest for too long. Complete the adventure of retrieving the cursed idol whilst running through a number of exotic locations like perilous cliffs, abandoned mines and rich forest land. If you were impressed by the first one, you’ll be stunned by the new and improved graphics on Temple Run 2, as the phenomenon lead to further visual progression. You’ll never face a moment of boredom with the choice of 7 characters to play from, and now you can even play as Ruler of the Sand, Cleopatra and The Great Healer, King Imhotep. Indiana Jones fans, download it now!


Candy Crush Saga

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This game is an absolute gold mine of fun and colour, as well as stimulating visuals and gaming. Travel through the enchanted land of Candy Kingdom with Mr Toffee and Tiffi to meet a bunch of eccentric and wonderfully absurd characters, and play some sweet games. Switching and matching up sweets sounds like it could get boring after a while, right? Not with this game. With hundreds of different levels this game will never turn boring and sour. You’ll be given a choice of modes such as target scores, timer, order and drop down; so there’s never a dull moment. A little lonely? You have the option to play with friends too. This off-the-wall and vibrant game is great for kids and adults with its easy to play swiping motions, plus the makers definitely poured a ton of creativity into this app. Win a tasty prize by spinning the Daily Booster Wheel or travel to Dreamworld with Odus the Owl. For all the obsessive and skilled gamers out there, you needn’t worry about finishing the game quickly as new levels are added every 2 weeks!


PAC-MAN 256 – Endless Arcade Maze

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“Cherries are red, Ghosts are blue, Munch a power pellet, Get lasers too!”

The old school and beloved classic is taken in a new and modern direction with PAC-MAN 256. Adults, it’s time to relive your childhood with this arcade hit, and kids will love it too. Reinvented for your tablet, you can effortlessly master this game, by simply navigating through the endless maze. Munch as many dots as you can, and be sure to gobble some cherries on route too; as well as plenty of other power ups! More than 15 different power ups are up for grabs so you can outsmart wicked ghosts; and escape the infamous Glitch that’s been lurking around since the beginning of PAC-MAN. With loads of added and updated features like the revived gang of bandit ghosts, new power ups and combo moves, old time PAC-MAN gamers are in for a treat, and first time PAC-MAN players will be in for a fruity sweet treat.


The Simpsons: Tapped Out

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Since its debut in 1989, The Simpsons have taken the world by storm and Homer’s sense of trouble and mischief has led to the accidental wipe out of Springfield and the town’s fate lies in your hands (literally). Rebuild Springfield, and make a home out of Homer’s mess. Reunite the Simpsons family, find and help your friends; (yes, you have to help Flanders too)! Complete challenges to earn donuts, harvest and grow the infamous tobacco/tomato hybrid, ‘tomacco’ from season 11, make sure Apu never leaves the towns beloved Kwik-E-Mart unattended, and enjoy a Duff with Duffman at the Brewery. Don’t forget to keep Homer in check with the conform-o-meter, measuring his consumerism, gluttony and indolence. If this wasn’t exciting enough, Simpsons fan will be blown away with exclusive, never-seen-before, animated scenes! And guess what? You can connect with friends too and earn extra points! Visit your friends’ Springfield to grab friendship points, pull some pranks, and collect cash. With amazing HD graphics the grass has never looked so green, the donuts have never looked so tasty, the sprinkles have never looked so delicious and the Krusty burgers have never looked so mouth-wateringly good!


Middle Manager of Justice

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Conquer Evil, establish order in the midst of chaos and fight crime with the tips of your fingers! If you’re a superhero fan, this game is your calling. Underdog or high flying superhero, you have the responsibility of getting your team of crime fighters into shape and keep your citizens safe. Get your team to defeat rare monsters and save lives and you’ll be rewarded; increase efficiency to unlock new crime-fighting equipment and facilities. With a bunch of impressive costumes, suit up to kick some super villain butt; and defeat the powerful and unlawful BeastFly! With a range of skilfully designed locations, funny characters, quality graphics and witty humour, you’ll never have a dull moment. In 2012, the game was awarded ‘Best Game that 2012 has to offer’ so you’re guaranteed a great gaming experience, don’t waste time and download it now; hurry because you have crime to fight and people to save!


So whether you’re a superhero at heart, with a passion for crime fighting and bringing justice to the people, a Simpsons fan (which most people are deep down), an old school arcade game lover, love a sweet treat or need to satisfy your thirst for adventure, there’s definitely a game that you’ll love on here. For more helpful top picks, reviews, and other technology related news, check out our blog.

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