Apps That Let You Stay Healthy


Health is a factor which we often ignore in our busy life style. But as technology is helping us improve other areas of our life it is also helping us in staying healthy. In order to give you best health apps Google invited developers to develop health oriented apps using Google Fit. Among all those apps here we are presenting you those incredible ones which won the challenge.


unnamed7MinGym is an app that provides you a complete workout program. It enjoyed tremendous success as soon as it was launched, the biggest factor in its success is that it is compatible with both Chromecast and AndroidTV devices. It gives very simple exercises and each exercise has to be done for 30 seconds and there is a 10 second break between two different exercises. It allows you to create and save your own sessions and if you are logged in with Facebook the session can be stored in cloud which can be later retrieved from any device.


hREyGpyhIt is an app which reminds you to drink water to stay well hydrated. It maintains the water balance of your body by keeping the record and telling you how much water you need to drink according to your routine. Aqualert is quite simple and easy to use so people of any age group can use it without any difficulty. It has an automatic bed time mode so your sleep does not get disturbed with water reminders.

Cinch Weight Loss and Fittness

unnamed (1)Cinch is an easy way to stay healthy by meeting your health oriented goals. It features a weight loss tracker that not only shows how much you have to do more but also tells how much you’ve already done so you stay motivated. An innovative calorie tracker tells you how much calories you have burnt and how are your steps helping you to burn calories. When connected to Android wearable devices it also gives accurate heart rate.


fitsquad-31d5bf-w192You do your best when you know you are in a competition. Understanding this psyche, this app has been developed. FitSquad does not let you feel bored while exercising as it connects you with more people so you stay motivated. You can compare your achievements with other group members plus you also get medals on your achievements. This amazing app surely makes workout more fun.


emberify-instantInstant is not just focused on your workouts but it is a complete lifestyle app. It automatically tracks your device’s usage and how many times you’ve unlocked your device. It silently works in the background and is also integrated with Google Fit to keep a record of your fitness and travel time. It promotes a balanced lifestyle and let you live in the moment with people rather than spending hours on mobile devices.

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