5 Best Laptops of 2016

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2016 has been an astounding year of laptop releases, with great prices for powerhouse devices and the much loved hybrid movement. With plenty of great laptops available, we’ve picked out the 5 best laptops of 2016, so if you’re on the hunt for a new laptop or in search of a new and better replacement,

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Best Tablets for College Students in the UK

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It can be a bit of a struggle to carry your laptop to college every day, a tablet seems a little more suitable. They’re lightweight and small and just as powerful as a PC! Problem is, there’s such a wide range to choose from that you could get a little lost. Here at Laptop Outlet

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Lenovo launches top-tier and hybrid laptops in India

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Towards the end of 2016 Lenovo will be launching a group of top-tier laptops and hybrids in India which all have high-performance features, sleek designs and are portable-friendly. Included in the releases will be a new IdeaPad range which consists of 4 new IdeaPad devices. The most cost-effective of the range is the IdeaPad 310

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Where to Get Student Discount on Laptops in UK

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 There are many perks of student life, and one of the biggest ones is student discount. You can make great savings by using your student discount on anything from clothes, food, tech and more! Using your student discount card, whether in-store or online, allows you to make great savings on student essentials which are required

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The redesign of Smartwatches, and what not to expect in 2016


The 3 leading Android Wear manufacturers, LG, Lenovo and Huawei, will not be releasing any new smartwatches this year. They are Google’s biggest smartwatch partners, and Android Wear 2.0 is expected to be released this autumn; however the companies have confirmed to CNET that they will not be releasing any new hardware this year unfortunately.

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Lenovo IdeaPad 500 VS Lenovo YOGA 3

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Lenovo cater to a range of different laptop users, whether you need a laptop for gaming or multimedia work or a tablet ideal for on the go. With such a wide range of choice, we’re not surprised if you’re a little stuck. The IdeaPad 500 and Yoga 3 are both great devices and are both

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The best of IFA 2016

IFA is the consumer electronics trade show that takes place in Berlin every year. The show takes place in September, and it has been the platform for a range of major launches including the first generations of Samsung Galaxy Note devices. ASUS has been a stand-out manufacturer at IFA 2016 with the launch of products

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Pokémon Go Plus UK Release

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After the release of Pokémon Go in July, it became an overnight global phenomenon, Nintendo’s market value sky-rocketed and re-established the fame of Pokémon! Pokémon Go lovers, you’ve probably already heard the disappointing news. Pokémon Go Plus has been delayed. However, the wait is almost over as the release is due this month! Nintendo later

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How to factory reset a Windows tablet/laptop

How to factory reset Windows

If you’re having a little trouble with your tablet or want to wipe everything, factory resetting could be your answer. Not sure how to do it? That’s why we’re here, we’re going to help you through it with some simple steps.   TABLET Reset from within Windows: We recommend charging your laptop whilst resetting so

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How to buy a cheap laptop online

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With a huge range of laptops to choose from and numerous sites that sell them, it can be a little tricky finding the perfect laptop for you. We love to see customers pleased with their purchase. A laptop is a pricey investment too, so make sure your money’s being spent on something that will cater

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