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The New Apple Watch 3 – Rumours and News

Apple have revealed next to nothing about the upcoming and much anticipated Apple Watch 3. Despite the silent treatment given to press and customers from the brand, rumours and leaks have yet again managed to spread like wild fire. From leaked patents to deals with manufacturers hitting the press, we can draw a fair conclusion

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What to expect at Apple WWDC 2017

The biggest Apple event of the year, WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2017 kicked off yesterday and will continue throughout the week until June 9th. The buzz has been exceptional this year with many predictions on what exactly will be revealed by Apple this week. You can watch the event live everyday but if you just

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iPhone 7: What to expect

iPhone 7

Apple enthusiasts, iPhone lovers, prepare yourself because it looks like the iPhone 7 release is imminent. Despite all the numerous news on Apple’s latest smartphone creation, little has been confirmed on the new features by Apple themselves. From the first generation iPhone to the 6s, there’s been an undeniable pattern of summer releases, so regardless

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Best Gadgets Coming Out in Holiday Season 2015 – Grab Your Favourite Today!

Tech giants launch new gadgets in the market every year, and these generally grow to be the most up to date things in the marketplace. Most of the times, in an attempt to outdo their prior mannequin, companies come up with new devices and/or gadgets in hope to create an even higher euphoria than the

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12 Things A Perfect Laptop Has To Have – Look Closely

Often you find the need to ask yourself, what are the factors that make a good laptop great? Maybe you are in search of a new laptop, that’s why find the need to find an answer to this question. The question is quite simple, but the answer quite complicated and perhaps require attention to even

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5 Ways To Reuse Your Older iPad


New versions of Apple iPads are always better, slimmer and faster, no wonder it becomes hard for Apple lovers to resist this latest technology offered by their favourite brand. If you are also among those who are planning to upgrade your iPad and wondering what to do with your older iPad then you are just

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