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Windows 10 Creator Update – What to expect

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Creator Update is expected to launch in April as Windows 10 Release 1704. The Windows 10 Creator Update was officially announced by Microsoft with a March release date, and is one of the biggest new releases for the Windows OS so far. The new update will have wider support for native 3D

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Microsoft introducing smaller updates for Windows 10


All Windows 10 users know that regular (and often inconvenient) updates take place on the OS; however Microsoft has been assuring that smaller updates will be introduced, to make the OS more convenient for users. After a while, this proposed change is finally becoming a reality, as Microsoft begins to test a Unified Update Platform

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Will Windows 10 be made an automatic update next year?

“This combines the strengths of Windows 8 with Windows 7”. Windows Insider Windows 10 is the newest version of the Windows operating system; although this does not mean Microsoft will stop releasing any more updates from Windows completely, the new strategy will make a change from the huge renovations between releases. In its place, Microsoft will shift

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The New Ultimate Surface Book Laptop by Microsoft

Introduction: As of today, Microsoft is also in the running for laptop devices. Just recently, the company announced the launch of its first ever laptop, a new gadget in its line of products. The Surface Book – the ultimate laptop – is one of their latest launches expected to complement their tab, the Surface Pro

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Hands on Microsoft Band Review

The technology world has witnessed a massive advancement almost in every field particularly in wearable technologies. Every major wearable fitness device manufacturer is researching and developing technologies that are one step ahead of its rivals. We have reviewed few popular wearables before, the Apple watch, Samsung’s GearFit and Fitbit Surge. We found them quite impressive

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