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The New Apple Watch 3 – Rumours and News

Apple have revealed next to nothing about the upcoming and much anticipated Apple Watch 3. Despite the silent treatment given to press and customers from the brand, rumours and leaks have yet again managed to spread like wild fire. From leaked patents to deals with manufacturers hitting the press, we can draw a fair conclusion

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Stay Protected with these Top 5 Free Medical Android Apps

Every day, thousands of apps grab your attention. A lot of app developers are also now being encouraged and themselves are focusing on developing medical apps But how many of you have medical apps in your phone? Probably few of us. But have you ever thought how useful these medical apps could be for you?

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Hands on Microsoft Band Review

The technology world has witnessed a massive advancement almost in every field particularly in wearable technologies. Every major wearable fitness device manufacturer is researching and developing technologies that are one step ahead of its rivals. We have reviewed few popular wearables before, the Apple watch, Samsung’s GearFit and Fitbit Surge. We found them quite impressive

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