Windows 10 upgrade ends tomorrow!

Windows 10 Featured

The windows 10 anniversary upgrade (completely free for Windows 7 and 8.1 users) ends July 29th, so be sure not to miss it. Already installed on an estimated 350 million devices worldwide, this operating system success is a deal not to be missed out on. Windows 10 home is fixed at the price of £99.99, and the Pro version costs £189.99; so take advantage of Windows’ generosity before tomorrow!


Windows 10

What’s so great about it? Why get it?

Well, with Windows 10 all your updates are automatic. No need to worry about manual updating, lengthy waits and buying updates as it’s all done automatically and free of charge. So maybe instead of saying “Windows 10”, we’ll simply call it “Windows” eventually; seeing that its successor will come with free automated update. Windows 10 also came with a bunch of neat little features that its predecessor didn’t have, such as:

  • Pre-installed Skype Video apps & Messaging
  • Improved menus
  • Apps now have a coloured title bar
  • The start menu has extra column of tiles (you can fit more on your homepage)
  • Cortana lets you send texts (Only for Windows 10 mobile phone users)
  • Improvements to Microsoft Edge



Ready to grab your free upgrade while the offer lasts? If you’re eligible for the free upgrade, click here to get it now!

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