Transform Your Windows 10 Phone into Full PC



We have reviewed Windows 10 previously, discovered its latest features and all that it has to offer. You’ll be happy to know that there is still a lot more to find out about Windows 10! Guess what? Your Windows 10 phone can turn into a full PC. Microsoft has revealed an important feature of the latest Windows 10 named as Continuum. Most of the people know about this feature but aren’t aware of the convenience it offers to the users. It enables you to turn your smartphone into desktop PC when connected to any larger screen. This makes it easier for people to switch between tablet and PCs.

Moreover, special convenience has been offered to developers. Special Tools have been introduced to create software that will run across wide range of devices such as PCs, tablets, smartphones, convertibles and Xbox. Furthermore, the apps can automatically transform into the screen size. Not only that, Microsoft’s Belfiore added that users can even copy phone-centric apps like messaging and can later be copied to desktop PC. Isn’t that just great?

Most of us use phones frequently. So in a way if phones are able to do more, we will be able to do more on the go. “What we’re trying to show here today, is our unique vision for phones and enabling them to scale up to a full PC-like experience,” said Joe Belfiore. Continuum is something that adds more to your computing world meaningfully. Try and let us know your experience!



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