Top 5 items for your weekend travels

Weekend Travel Tech Products

Going out and exploring is the new staying in. If you’re soon to be going on a travelling adventure or even just a short weekend getaway, make sure you have all the necessities to make your getaway an even better experience!

Read on for our list of the top 5 items for your weekend travels!

Sony Experia XA and Lenovo ThinkPad




Of course, no getaway is truly complete without having your trusted smartphone or tablet with you. If you’re going on holiday or you’re going to a weekend festival, you’ll need to make sure you’re able to get online and share all the highlights on your social networking pages to give everyone serious FOMO.

The Sony Experia is an all-rounder with its outstanding 21.5MP full HD camera you’re sure to get the best quality pictures with this smartphone. The Lenovo ThinkPad, on the other hand, is a tablet, it comes with built in Wi-Fi as well as a Full HD multi- touch display so you can send those tweets out in lightning speed!

(If you’re looking for a cheap tablet, read our post on the best tablets under £100 here)


Toshiba Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker



What better way to keep the music experience going, and to wind down after visiting a weekend long music event than with a portable speaker, listening to your favourite tunes, whilst gathered around with your friends.

Naturally, we had to include a wireless speaker in our list of the top 5 items for your weekend travels; and this Toshiba speaker is compact enough to fit in your bags or carry in your hand, and it allows you to stream your music wirelessly, using Bluetooth or NFC technology so there’s no need for unnecessary wires holding you back. The sleek finish of the speaker with the white colour also gives the speaker a cool futuristic look.


LG 360 Cam




Cameras are the perfect gadget to let you capture your memories forever, and for you to be able to share the experience with others. They have become a staple item for us all when it comes to packing for any kind of travels, whether that is just for local sightseeing or a holiday across the globe.

When it comes to taking pictures whilst travelling, you want to ensure that you don’t just have a good quality camera but a camera that offers a little bit more. The LG 360 is equipped with 13MP dual wide angle lens cameras, making it perfect for taking remarkable and unique pictures. It has 2k video recording as well as a built in microphone for high quality videos. The small compact design makes it portable and the built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth means video and photo sharing is even easier.


Targus Grid Backpack



If you’re going backpacking or not someone who travels light you’re going to need a good sturdy backpack to keep all of your gadgets and belongings safe, and you want something that is comfortable enough to wear without feeling like its weighing you down!

The Targus backpack’s hidden travel pockets let you keep your gadgets packed away safely, but close enough in case you get lost or need a little helping hand from technology. The bottle holder also means you can keep a drink handy so you don’t get dehydrated! It provides ample storage space for all your personal belongings for your weekend away.

It is a military spec standard backpack so it will keep all your valuables safe as it is wind, rain and dust resistant, making it perfect for hiking. It also has padded shoulders for extra comfort.


Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch




Remember all those New Year’s resolutions you set to keep on top of your fitness and be healthier? A Smartwatch is the perfect way to revive those long forgotten plans! They are not just for all of the fitness obsessed people because they allow you to keep on top of your health in a more fun and interactive way and you can wear them anywhere, even on your trips and getaways.

The Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch has an outstanding up to 10 day battery life so you don’t need to carry chargers around with you on your trips. You can even step in the pool or take a shower without having to take it off because it’s also water resistant. It also comes with a 1 year warranty for added peace of mind.

If your calendar is filling up with travel plans with the arrival of Spring, and our much warmer weather, or you’re planning a trip out of the country these top 5 items for your weekend travels are sure to make your outing more pleasant and enjoyable. We hope you enjoyed reading!

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