Tech Essentials for Festivals 2016

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Festival season is here, however the live music and catching up with friends will not be complete without some of the best technology to showcase the fun, and make it even more memorable. At Laptop Outlet, we have created a festival guide with the best gadgets for the festival season. Read on to make sure you have the most stand-out festival accessories, and can make the most of the music and atmosphere at this year’s festivals:


Samsung S7 £579.99 (save £20)


Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung S7 is easily one of the few best smartphones available on the market now, and it’s at the top of our must-have festival accessory list! It is ideal for those wet and muddy festival days, as it has an IP68 water-resistance rating and can be fully submersed in water. Dual-pixel technology ensures that you will capture the best pictures at festivals –whether its day or night! Make festival season memorable with the motion panorama camera mode which brings photos closer to reality than ever, with an immersive visual experience. The gold colour option is great for festival fashion, and will look great with any outfit.


LG Cam Plus £69

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With one hand grip capability and easy access to camera functionalities, the LG CAM Plus lets you take DSLR quality photos easily using your LG G5. The Cam Plus adds grip and physical control to the smartphone camera, as well as an extra 1200mAh battery which gives you more time to get the perfect shot; it also ensures you can showcase every moment on social media as it happens –without worrying about your battery! A comfier grip, easier-to-use camera and almost a third more battery life makes the LG Cam Plus an essential accessory for an incredible festival experience.


LG 360 CAM £199

LG 360 CAM

Show off everything that’s going on around you at the festival with the LG 360 CAM, which allows you to create your own 360 videos and pictures. With dual wide-angled 13MP lenses and 2K video capture, you’ll experience 360 detailing in your pictures like never before! The LG 360 Cam will be your best friend at the festival, it is compatible with any android smartphone and is easily portable.


LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play £149

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Meeting up with mates before heading to the festival? The Hi-Fi Plus will be your best bud when you need superb sound for the journey and will definitely get you in that festival mood!

You can also experience the best music when there, immersing yourself into legendary sound with the LG Hi-Fi Plus (with B&O Play). You can either slide-on the Hi-Fi Plus onto your G5 or use it with your android device. The amp upgrades your music quality to 32 bit sound, giving your music a richer quality, and making any music at the festival sound so much better.


Be well equipped this festival season with the best accessories, and make sure to capture HD memories for life.

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