Laptop Buying Guide

Laptops give you the power of a desktop computer whilst also letting you work, surf and do a world of things on the go. There was a time when laptops were considered the lesser between the two but today so many laptops are available and some have better specs than traditional desktops, from big brands

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Top 5 Father’s Day Tech Gifts

Father’s day is just around the corner (18th June, for those who don’t know!) and most of us would agree that a great tech gadget or accessory is the perfect way to treat your dad! If he is a tech pro or just a beginner and needs the perfect gadget to take his steps into

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Top 3 Laptops Featuring Core M Processor

It would not be wrong to say that Intel plays a dominating role in bringing advancements in the computer world. Being leading manufacturer of processing units, Intel provides computer manufacturer’s the opportunity to bring advancements in the machines. Intel has recently advanced form 4th generation processors to Core M processors. Core M can be called

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