Stay Protected with these Top 5 Free Medical Android Apps


Every day, thousands of apps grab your attention. A lot of app developers are also now being encouraged and themselves are focusing on developing medical apps But how many of you have medical apps in your phone? Probably few of us. But have you ever thought how useful these medical apps could be for you? Here are top 5 medical apps for your android phone available for free which might help you get best of health solutions.

  • Up-to-Date

up-to-dateUp-to-date as the name suggests, keeps you updated on medical news and the latest developments in the circle. The ‘What’s New’ section lets you look up  the headlines or you can search on different specific topics through this option. You can also get your hands on videos that teach you different medical procedures you can carry out in case of emergencies. Moreover, if you find something worth saving, it gives you the option of E-mailing the particular article or video along with a book mark option. So, if you are someone having a professional medical background or if you are simply interested in learning about medicine and want to be prepared for emergency situations, then this android app works wonders for you. It is free for android users.  

  • Johns Hopkins ABX Guide

johns-hopkins-abx-guideNow cure your illness yourself with professional consultation just a click away. How many of us get various minor health related problems and are too lazy to go and see a doctor. We try to find the causes on internet but all we get are vague explanations as our answer. rarely would google ever diagnose your illness accurately rather you are sent on a wild goose chase. In order to counter this issue, this app really comes in handy. With this app you will be able to find out the exact causes of any abnormal body behavior, recommended dosages, etc. helping you to overcome the illness in a few days without having to pay a heavy doctor’s fee. This is also a free app for android users.

  • Red Cross First Aid

red-cross-first-aidThis app is a must have in your android phone as you never know when the need arises for the use of first aid. Accidents occur without any warnings. Red Cross First Aid is an app specially designed to save you from any emergency accidents and situations . The app delivers you with set of instructions and guides you to fight everyday accidental situations such as asthma attacks broken bones or accidental bleeding etc. You can also take several quizzes on the safety topics which in turn makes you an expert in first aid. The app surely does a good job at saving you from any emergency situations and since it is free of cost anyone can now become a professional first aid assistant.

  • ZocDoc 


When facing any health related issue, one should definitely consult a doctor as soon as possible but sometimes we get lazy and other times the fact that you will have to get a doctor’s appointment and will have to go through the hassle, one decided to let go of the idea. But ZocDoc has a solution for this problem. Through this application you can book an appointment with a doctor nearest to your location without having to physically go there. So ZocDoc provides you with the convenience you have always yearned for.

  • Stroke Awareness Foundation

stroke-awareness-foundationIf you or any of your family member faces a high risk of stroke or has had a stroke in the past, then Stroke Awareness Foundation is definitely an application you can look up to. This app is specifically designed for stroke patients educating them about the dos and don’ts of this illness. If any serious situation arises which doesn’t come under your control, the patients should dial up 911 or any other emergency contact.

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