Impact of Android Update; Features of Marshmallow – How These Features Can Be Helpful?



Google has launched a new 6.0 Marshmallow version of its Android OS. This version is up and available for those having the devices from “just-announced” Huawei Nexus 6P or LG Nexus 5X ship and some others like HTC Nexus 9, Asus Nexus 7 (2013), Motorola Nexus 6, LG Nexus 5 and the Google Nexus Player. The others may receive this update by mid of November and onwards, depending upon the Android device they have.


Google has promised the new update will feature a lot of improvements allowing users to have more control on their devices. The Marshmallow update will also enhance the performance of the gadgets, as stated by Google. Moreover, the company promises newer and better ways for users to interact with their smartphones.

Features To Look Forward To 

  • One main feature that Marshmallow Version has completely overhauled is application permissions. Now, you will have the discretion to grant the mobile applications individual permission. This means, when a certain application in trying to gain access to your microphone or the device camera, a notification will pop up on the screen alerting you of the access. Moreover, you will be asked for permission before the application can gain complete access. This is a major achievement from the former versions where you had mainly two choices. You had to give complete access to the application or not install it from scratch to avoid such authority.
  • Another cool feature introduced in this version is the Now on Tap. This is more of a smart assistance offered by Google for its users. Regardless of what you’re doing, once you use the feature, you will be able to take complete use of your screen. All you need to do is press and hold the home button and let the Now on Tap feature analyze the context or information you were looking at. The results will be related cards to that information. For instance, you receive a text from your friend about going to the theater for a James Bond movie being aired over the weekend. Press and hold the home button and let the Now on Tap do its thing. It will automatically recognize the text and provide all the information available regarding that movie, its screening timings and whatnot.
  • Now Android has also given you the authority to open up a link on the application of your liking with App Links. If you have a link you are trying to open either in your inbox or email, once you tap open the link, you will be asked in which application you would like the link to open. This way, you can set your default application that you like for opening links to videos or information. Though sometimes it can be annoying but still you have your control over your phone.
  • Android applicants had one complaint day in day out which was unpredictable standby times. It was quite annoying. The standby time of their phones varied because of the applications that were running the background. The applications affected the performance and standby time of their device. Well, not any longer, as Google looks forward to improve this defect by introducing the Doze feature. The feature will detect when your device is not being used and is motionless. Once identified, your device will go in a deep sleep mode.

Another great feature added by Android is seamless backup option with the Automatic Backup and Restore. This was missing in all previous launches by Android but now they have looked into the matter and have provided users with this feature among the many others discussed.

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