Hands-On Review of Samsung Galaxy S6


The Korean giant has recently launched its new flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S6. With so many people anxiously waiting for this phone, it would not be a surprise if this phone get record-breaking success. After the launch of Apple iPhone 6, people were curious to know what Samsung will offer them in Galaxy S6. So here we are giving you a detailed review of Galaxy S6 so you can make up your mind whether you want to buy it or not.

Design and Body

With metal chassis, and glass covering the front and back, it can be called the prettiest phone Samsung ever made. Its smooth finish will give you a pleasant touch whenever you hold it. With the choice of charcoal, blue, white and gold colours you can get one which best suits your style. Samsung claimed that it has “jewel like finishes” and it is completely true, in fact it is even better than that. High quality glass and stylish metal body gives it a classy and elegant look.
With a thin bezel its 5.1in, QHD Super AMOLED screen looks even more attractive. Even though Samsung has added glass and metal, but still it is lighter than S5. Despite being light and thin it is solid and more durable. MicroUSB, headphone socket and power-boosted speaker is positioned in the bottom edge, whereas sound and power button are on the sides.


Samsung S6’s front camera will definitely please those who love taking selfies. With 5mp camera at front and 16mp camera at back, you can really take professional quality pictures with your S6. The cameras are made easier to use with features like text identifiers. So no need to carry any digital cameras along when you have your S6.


Samsung Galaxy S6 gives you this stylish and classy body at the price of removable battery. To bring more elegance in their design and built Samsung has sacrificed its removable battery. By removing the option of replaceable and extendable battery it does not mean Samsung has offered us exceptionally good battery in S6. In fact it comes with 2550mAh battery whereas its predecessor S5 featured 2600mAh, so no progress in battery. But S6 comes with a built in wireless charger which is compatible with variety of wireless charging points and an optional Samsung charger.

Technical Specifications

Samsung S6 features a 5.1in, QHD Super AMOLED display, which means you’ll be able to enjoy high quality media on it. Samsung has omitted the option of SD card in this phone but with a spacious storage of 32/64/128GB you may not need any external storage. Plus a 3GB LPDDR4 RAM is also there to give you a smooth experience.

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