An Insight Into Honor 7 – Big Specs For A Small Amount


In today’s world, it seems every other person eat, sleep and breathe brands. Brands have become part of our daily life. Not to mention, we even choose technology and gadgets based on brands. The better the brand gadget, the cooler we will look. That’s how it is today! Everyone wants to buy a Samsung or an iPhone for the very same reasons they’d buy a Louis Vuitton bag, an Armani suit, a pair of Ray Ban shades or a pair of Manolo Blahnik high heels – because they are associated with quality and will look good on you every time you wear them.

Huawei-Honor-7But same is not the case with smartphones. Although it is a matter of looking good, but the idea of forking hundreds of dollars for just a phone seems a bit absurd at times where you can get great looking handsets at a fraction of a price. Moreover, the gadgets will offer all the features and countless options you’d get in any high-end handset.

Having said that, some brands have still made it possible for them to earn a respectable name in the technology industry and based on this, people buy their devices, even if they cost high. Huawei is one such tech Giant, a Chinese based electronics company, that has earned a name for itself with its high-end phones. Not only that, the company has been quite successful in creating phones of high-end quality at a price everyone can afford. Honor 7 by Huawei is one such example that people are leaning towards for a phone option with all the possibilities you’d get from a high priced phone. The device is feature-packed and mainly aims at young consumers.

The Honor 7 has a subtle design, sleek and elegant, possess all those specs that you’d get from ‘Tier 1’ competitors. It seems like the perfect rivalry at a smaller price. The phone has been priced £250, all the very reason for you to buy this phone. Huawei Honor 7 will certainly give the tech giants a run for their money.

The Honor 7 falls under the large screen phone’s category with a display output that is crisp and clear with vibrant colors. The phone runs on an Andriod platform, the lollipop version.

One of the most alluring thing about this phone is the Camera. A 20 MP back camera is something you won’t with a low priced phone. Even the front camera is 8 MP, good enough to take selfes – if you’re one of them.

Although there are some downsides to the phone, but with the price this low and high features and specs, it still beats a lot of good smartphones in the tech market.

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