5 Latest Trends In Mobile Market


The number of mobile phone, especially smartphone users is increasing tremendously every year. The unbelievable increment in the smartphone users shows how much importance smartphones enjoy in our life plus how dependent we are on it. Smartphone these days are doing functions that they never used to do before. Today we can do all those thing with our phones which was just a fiction few decades back. The rapid speed with which smartphone market is advancing, we find new to newer features and functionalities every few months. Let’s have a look at the latest trends of mobile market.

Mobile Payments Will Grow

Mobile-Payments-to-Grow-Faster-Than-Mobile-Anything-This-Year-300x300Apple Pay has set new standard for payment methods. Soon after its launch Apple Pay was used in 220,000 outlets as it supported 90 percent of the credit cards. It is not just used in neighborhood stores but in international chains as well. This trend of payments will grow in coming years and people will start off with buying low priced products but will move on to buying highly expensive thing as well. Mobile payment will also reach international standards, mobile apps will also support international currencies for those who are travelling abroad.

Attention Will Be Paid To M-Commerce

3More and more people are now buying things using their smartphones rather than going to the shops. That’s why all the leading brands and retailers have their apps which help people in buying easily through the phones. In coming days this dawning trend will continue to grow and brands will engage people by giving special offers and sales for mobile users.

Apps Will Be Used For Bookings

htl_aapsAll the travel advising companies will make bookings and planning trips much easier. They will be developing their apps so travelers will be able to book their hotels, flights and other things easily through smartphone. But not just travelling companies but restaurants and coffee shops will also allow you to reserve tables using smartphones.

Health Monitoring Will Expand

unnamedIn next few years or even months, health monitoring will come to a position which was beyond imagination a couple of years ago. Wearable and mobile devices are becoming so advanced that they will generate real-time data regarding your individual body. Hear rate, glucose level, sleep hours, water intake everything will be monitored by mobiles.

Increasing Smart Wearables

FitbitTrioTech wearables are a new addition in tech family. They can perform a number of amazing functions and have latest technologies but still they are nothing without smartphones. All the fancy new expensive smartwatches and even Google Glass needs to be connected to smartwatch for full functionality.

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