5 Best iPhone Apps Of 2015


You cannot take most out of your smartphones unless you have the most appropriate apps. No matter which OS you are using you need apps to work efficiently and effectively. But with thousands of apps available in the app stores and markets, it becomes difficult to identify which ones are the best. If you are an iOS user then we have something for you. Below is a list of best apps of 2015 which will give you an amazing experience.

  1. Air Video HD

air-video-hd-HTMV_N4Every iPhone user faces a problem of limited on board storage especially when you have large video collection. No matter which iPhone you are using, you’ll have to face it and the issue of limited on board storage is not to be resolved in the upcoming iPhone as well. But Air Video HD can solve this issue to some extent. It streams and even re-encodes the content from MAC or PC which you can enjoy on your phone using AirPlay support.

  1. Day One

mzl.obowcyba.175x175-75Although regular journals can also do the work but Day One is an app that adds more life to it and crosses the limits of a typical journal. It is an app you’ll like to keep always with you as it allows you to save images, messages, locations and much more and can later retrieve them when needed. It is a lively colorful app which attracts everyone plus easy to use.

  1. iMovie

Retina-New-iMovie-LogoiPhone camera allows you to edit videos but the editing options are not up to the mark, they often make video look worse than before. But iMovie is an outstanding app that brings complete video editing software to your phone. It lets you add soundtrack, effects, filters and much more to your videos and make you feel as if you are editing on desktop.

  1. Launch Center Pro

mzl.zhyafoumWe all love speed dials as they are convenient and save our time. Just imagine how great it would be if you can get it for other tasks as well. Launch Center Pro is more or less like that. It allows you to create shortcuts of various things like sharing picture on twitter, posting on tumbler and many other things. You can also arrange these shortcuts in groups for your ease.

  1. Weather Pro

mzl.wxftybebThere are plenty of weather apps we can find in app store some are pleasant to look at while some have more features. Among all these the most preferred one is Weather Pro, the biggest reason why this app is better than other is its accuracy. It is also information-rich, with radars and detailed forecasts for your targeted locations.

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