A Brief Look at Microsoft Office 2016’s New Features and Functions


Still caught up in the curiosity of the upcoming release of Windows 10 on July 29th 2015, Microsoft released another great surprise for the world; the new Microsoft Office 2016 which will soon be launched in autumn 2015. Looks like Microsoft is on a roll and is working hard to keep its users on the edge of their seats. Well now that we are just few days away from the arrival of Microsoft Office 2016, we are really excited to explore this newer version. Some brilliant features have been introduced along with improvements in the interface and updating of security and management options. We were already very contented  by the previous version of office, let’s find out if this updated Office 16 puts a broader smile on our faces.

Going against the traditional boring themes, Microsoft is now becoming more colorful and exciting. The interface comes with a total of five office themes instead of three found previously in Office 2013. Moreover, it adopts the similar Windows 10 styling in many aspects. You will find the title and ribbon tab bars having the same size unlike the former version which featured smaller ribbon tab bars then the title ribbon tab bars.

The searching options have been improved as Office 16 gives you a search box. You can type search keywords like print, spacing etc. This will highlight the tools you are looking for, making things simpler and easier.

Microsoft Office 2016 is also sure to provide the users with more advanced management and security tools. There are a lot of features specifically packed for admins. They can avail more customization options for the click-to-run setup. The risks while installing updates have been minimized as the version comes with general bug fixes and modern security options.

People who constantly suffer from the fear of any data loss, here is a good news for all of you. The Windows 2016 now features the same Data Loss Prevention for Word, PowerPoint and Excel which was previously found in Outlook only. Moreover, saving your important documents containing confidential information or any other crucial data comes with warnings and tips. The Office 16 will warn you right away if you plan to save your files in the wrong or unsafe place. And with this, better accountability will apply as no worker would be able to save any file at any inappropriate place which would be dangerous for the safety of the company.

So what new has been introduced by Microsoft Office 16 to Outlook? The most useful feature discovered is the new list you will get of the recent files that pops up when attaching files in the mail. This is because you are most likely to attach a file on which you have recently worked on or made changes to. Also, Outlook has adopted a responsive design which will minimize the hassle of using outlook in the smaller devices where it couldn’t function well previously. Outlook now will show you inbox list or just the message pane depending upon the things you have selected making it easier to use for the smaller laptop owners.

Microsoft Office 16 offers a number of features for business users as well introducing Lync communications software. It is called Lync on the start menu and launching it makes it Skype for business. With this, you will be able to talk to your colleagues, friends and family. You can both work and talk via this app. It works incredible when making calls all around the world.

These were the few updates on the Microsoft Office 2016. There is yet a lot more that this version offers to its users. We are anxiously waiting to see the great combo of Windows 10 coming along with the Microsoft Office 2016. It definitely is going to please us!




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