Linx 7 7” Tablet Review

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The Linx 7 7” Windows tablet is the cheapest Windows 8.1 tablet yet, and it impressively comes with a free 12 month subscription to Microsoft Office 365. This great device features premium build quality, an impressive screen resolution and an efficient battery life; perfect for a companion device for home or the office. The price of the Linx 7 tablet is the key selling point of this great device. It is only £49.99 at Laptop Outlet, much cheaper than the RRP of £79.99. Read on to find out more about this versatile tablet.


Key features:

  • 1.33GHz Intel Atom Quad Core Processor with 1GB RAM
  • 32GB Flash
  • 7-inch Multi Touch IPS HD Display
  • 2MP Front & Rear Camera
  • (1280 X 800) Screen Resolution
  • Micro HDMI and micro USB
  • Windows 8.1
  • 1 year Office 365 Subscription
  • Eligible for free Windows 10 Upgrade

Linx 7 7


The Linx 7 7” tablet features an efficient (1280 x 800) screen resolution, with pixels which are packed onto the compact 7” panel of the tablet, delivering a pixel density of 215ppi –allowing a visually detailed user experience.


The solid build quality and performance of the Linx 7 7” tablet is very impressive, considering the low price point, and makes this the ideal portable device. It has a thin and lightweight body with a matte black design, and looks and feels like a premium product. The design of the Linx 7 7” tablet is similar to the nexus 7.

The Linx 7 7” tablet is 9.5mm and is lightweight at only 280g; it is evidently not the thinnest tablet in the market, however the powerful operating system included within the device is as good as that within a Desktop PC or laptop.


The Linx 7 7” tablet features 2 megapixel cameras at the front and back, perfect for portable entertainment. The front camera is perfect for video chats whether on-the-go or at home, delivering clear visuals in all lightings.


The Linx 7 7” tablet features an impressive 3500mAh battery which can last 4-6 hours, dependent on usage and brightness. It can be charged using the micro-USB port, allowing unlimited usage without having to bring another charger with you, making it the perfect device for portable and small-time entertainment purposes.


The Linx 7 7” tablet features an Intel Atom Quad-Core Processor which runs at 1.33 GHz and is paired with 1GB RAM, making this the perfect portable device for carrying out everyday tasks, or even as a work or home device due to the inclusion of Microsoft Office 365.

The device also features a decent number of ports including: power, a headphone jack, micro USB for charging, micro HDMI for connecting the tablet to your TV, and adaptor buttons.


  • Affordable price, value for money
  • Comes with a 12 month full subscription to Microsoft Office 365, worth around half the cost of the tablet
  • Premium build quality
  • Good screen
  • 33GHz Intel Atom Quad Core Processor


  • On-screen keyboard not great from typing long emails.

The Linx 7 7” tablet is a high-performance and ultraportable Windows-based device, available for great value for money at Laptop Outlet.

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