LG G5 & Friends: What to look forward to

LG Freinds Featured Image

At MWC 2016, LG announced its new flagship device, the LG G5. With a metal uni-body modular design, slide out battery and wide angle camera, it’s not surprising that it won a total of 33 awards at the event. However, the biggest surprise of the show came from LG’s impressive collection accessories to accompany the device, the LG Friends. These offer access to the ‘LG Playground’ delivering superb audio and visual experiences.

So let’s meet the LG Friends, which are now available to pre order on Laptop Outlet:

LG CAM Plus:



With one hand grip capability and easy access to camera functionalities, the LG CAM plus lets you take DSLR quality photos easily using your LG G5. The extended 1140mAh battery life, gives you more time to get that the perfect shot.


LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play

LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play


Immerse yourself into legendary sound with LG HiFi Plus with B&O Play. You can either slide-on the Hi-Fi Plus onto your G5 or use the amp with your android or IOS devices. The amp upscales your music to a 32 bit sound, giving your music a richer quality.


LG 360 VR


LG 360 VR

Virtual reality has never looked this good. The LG 360 VR is a light weight, compact and portable design, which provides crystal clear viewing, allowing you to escape into virtual reality. The headset is seamlessly controlled by the LG G5.

LG 360 CAM

LG 360 CAM 

The perfect companion for the LG 360 VR, the LG 360 CAM allows you to create your own 360 videos and pictures. With dual wide-angled 13MP lenses and 2K video capture, you’ll experience 360 detailing like never before.

Pre-Order the LG Friends now: http://laptopoutlet.co.uk/lgfriends/

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