Lenovo N20 Chromebook Review

lenovo featured N20

Lenovo has added yet another ground-breaking laptop to its groundbreaking product list, yes you guessed it right! The Lenovo N20 Chromebook is finally here. Over the past year, Chromebooks have made an important entry in the family of notebooks. The Lenovo N20 like other notebooks around, features the added advantage of a 300 degree rotating hinge and touchscreen capabilities. Running on Chrome OS, it is something new and something worth experiencing. Lets see if this distinguished notebook can compete with other operating systems such as iOS and Android.

Design and Features

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Beginning with the design, it is a uniquely built notebook which surely catches the attention. This was expected as we have seen that Lenovo likes to experiment with the designs like they did with the unusually designed yet elegant Yoga Tablet 2 and Yoga Pro 3. You will find a particular hinge standing out making the device chunky and clumsy-looking. But there is a purpose behind this awkwardly designed hinge. This is especially present to rotate the screen up to 300 degrees approximately. Moreover, it also enables the user to position the laptop in many ways.

The base is found with the contrast of black and grey while the lid is made out of grey plastic. N20 being 17.9 mm thick is found heavy and bulky but this is acceptable as it is not even designed to compete with the hybrids.

The Chromebook is well-equipped with a matte 11.6-inch screen with a decent resolution of 1366×768 pixels. The screen brightness appeared average, not very impressive though. The images appear rather dull and unappealing. However, the contrasts were found having nice results.


lenovo chromeeee

Let’s find out about the system’s performance offered by this machine. Coming with Intel Celeron N2830 (Bay Trail) and owning a processor speed of 2.16 GHz, Lenovo Chromebook is perfectly suitable for office work or for carrying out normal computing tasks such as browsing, emailing etc. The system performance was also impressive, running fast and smooth. In comparison to its rivals such as Asus C200MA, which comes with exactly the same processor, it performs on the same level. Few Chromebooks lagged behind N20 namely the S20.

Coming onto its most distinguished feature, the Chromebook runs on Chrome OS. The boot time is just great, as fast as 3 seconds which is rarely offered by such machines. You will find the Chromebook loaded with a number of stunning Google apps like Gmail, YouTube and Google maps. With so much in hand, Lenovo Chromebook is certainly a decent performer.


Lenovo hasn’t shown us even a slight compromise on the connectivity options it offers. It is loaded up with all the possible connectivity options a user might demand for. Featuring Bluetooth 4.0 along with the latest 802.11ac WiFi to match, it makes linking up easier making it highly compatible to carry out smooth video conferencing and other important tasks needing latest Wi-Fi.

Battery Life

Not delaying the decisions, we would like to announce that this much affordable Chromebook delivers a good battery performance. What Lenovo claimed and what we have experienced in real life has matched accurately i-e, the N20 managed to deliver a good battery performance for a total of 8 hours which is quite commendable as notebooks coming in this price range fail to serve this well. So this means, now you can enjoy working all day long whether performing office tasks or gaming.


Coming with multi-mode feature and elegant design, N20 undoubtedly has a distinguished identity in the Chromebook family. The design and style is exquisite making it one of the sexier Chromebooks you will find around. The longer battery life is a bonus in this affordable price. However, there are few things we disliked. The screen quality was found to be average and the speakers weren’t good enough to provide with good quality audio experience.

Well, to conclude, Lenovo N20 is certainly an extra-ordinary machine as normally Chromebooks of this size aren’t this efficient. It is perfect for both work and play. It is something which will definitely provide good value for your money.




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