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From their looks and the way they are designed, you can recognize gaming laptops easily. They are made more powerful in performance and robust in structure so that they can even surpass the performance level of a desktop. Any devoted gamer will prefer to have a gaming laptop with high specifications and convenient portability. They can be used for other daily routine tasks as well but may not be able to perform exceptionally in that regard.

With some amazing features they also come with some flaws. Like poor battery life, it can get frustrating and limit your portability .Because of the harsh usage they are found to heat up more often. All technology manufacturing companies are contributing in serving gamers with their latest and advanced technology capsuled in gaming laptops but MSI have been found more devoted to the cause. With super powerful processors, eye catching structure and backlit signature keyboard, MSI laptops are every gamer’s dream and even if you are not into gaming these mind blowing laptops will surely capture your attention.

MSI GT72 Dominator – Price Starting from £1244.98

MSI GT72 Dominator might not stand out when it comes to the looks but has some impressive features to offer. More powerful than any desktop it has four SSDs, an amazing customize-able keyboard and outstanding audio performance.

MSI GT72 Dominator


Product Information:


MSI GT72 Dominator does not have pretty looks but the aluminum brushed lid is a treat to look at. On the bottom, there are large blood-red vents. Seems like more effort has been put in the interior. It offers one of the most amazing customizable keyboards. You can change the backlight of the keyboard and not just one but multi-colours can also be set .The left side of the keyboard decks necessary buttons like power, GPU, the fan is located.  Touchpad has thin LED lights and a slightly raised palm rest will not let your hands get tired during long gaming hours. It allows you to swiftly surf through Web pages, multi gesturing and to respond quickly and accurately as you will swipe between your apps, media files and scroll over pages. It comes with a wide display of 17.3 inches but lacks bright and colorful picture quality as compared to it’s competitors.


Other than changing the light colors of the keyboard you can assign actions to the keys. For your convenience frequently used keys will be highlighted. MSI GT72 Dominator is made powerful more than any desktop because of Intel Core i7 processor with 32GB of RAM in it paired with 980M GPU of Nvidia GeForce. It transfers all your files within few seconds. Unlike other gaming laptops, it does not heat up. Even in harsh usage it will not make you uncomfortable. 2-megapixel integrated camera does not produce satisfying results. Image will get blurry and it will lose in providing you with necessary detailing. It has all the necessary and unnecessary ports. No space on the sides of the laptop is left without any port . Poor battery life is a dilemma in gaming laptops. MSI GT72 Dominator lasts less than any other gaming laptop. It will stay active for only 3 hours and 14 minutes. It has all third party software installed in it.


It is a perfect entertainment package. It offers excellent gaming speed and incomparable audio quality. It is one of the loudest gaming laptops ever made. Not only loud but it also produces balanced audio. It is undoubtedly the most powerful portable gaming device ever made.

MSI GS60 Ghost – Price Starting from £929.98

MSI GS60 Ghost is a light weight gaming laptop unlike usual gaming laptops it is made slimmer and to your surprise it is inexpensive without compromising on it’s powerful performance.

MSI GS60 Ghost


Product Information:


The graceful black aluminum lid of MSI GS60 Ghost have a MSI logo and the backlit red dragon emblem on it. You might leave fingerprints on it. The interior is as striking as the outer cover of the Ghost .Interior also features black brushed aluminum, a backlit power button, thick grilled speakers and a signature backlit keyboard.  On the keypad, you can perform multi-touch gestures and smoothly navigate Web pages. you can always change the colour of the backlit of keyboard. The Ghost’s 16” display will give you an experience of realistic gaming. Images presented are so sharp that you can even see the veins of the leaves and individual blades of grass clearly.


MSI GS60 Ghost lets you control it as you want. Gamer can control the keyboards and assign actions to the keys according to their ease.  They have made it a complete productivity based machine with Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM. 860M GPU OF Nvidia GeForce GTX is installed in it. We all know gaming laptops lack good battery life. On 30% brightness it lasted for 5 hours and 34 minutes. It has an average battery life. It is loaded up with useful software. From System control manager to the volume and webcam you will find all necessary utilities in it.

It comes with enough ports to satisfy gamers. All ports are located at right places avoiding the unwanted mess of wires. It is a gaming laptop so heating up is an obvious issue. You can use it on your lap for approximately 1 hour without any harm to your skin. A dual-fan thermal cooling system is also provided to keep things cool but at times you will feel uneasy heat.


Like all other MSI laptops, it have Dynaudio speakers. Making it more mind blowing it comes with SoundBlaster Cinema 2 software. You might feel that speakers need some improvements in bass but all in all the audio is satisfactory. Webcam captures the warm colours trying it’s best to provide you with a more natural-looking image . MSI GS60 Ghost is good enough to be called as a good entertaining laptop. From the overall review, you can conclude that it does not compromise in providing you with a satisfying gaming experience, runs all your apps smoothly and offers you smart multi-tasking with no compromise on good looks.

MSI GT80 Titan – Price Starting from £3,499.97

MSI GT80 is a fast-gaming laptop having some crazy features. You will not believe unless you see it yourself that it have an actual mechanical keyboard installed in it. With a pair of GTX 980M GPUs, no doubt it is the fastest gaming laptop ever made.

MSI GT80 Titan


Product Information:


It is a graceful and eye catching laptop. Though bigger in size but its design and construction sure is a head turner and for gamers, they will surely drool over it. It has a black lid that is brushed-aluminum. On the elegant lid there are bright red chrome darts, MSI logo and gaming series emblem. When you will open the laptop the awe-inspiring keyboard will be there to greet you with red backlit guarded by a magnificent dragon. The keyboard has taken more space than the usual laptop keyboards. This is where little variations are made. The area where people usually rest their palms is occupied by the keyboard. The trackpad has been moved to the right of the keyboard and all necessary buttons like power, GPU and fan speed are located above the trackpad. With a little tap, the trackpad will turn into a digital numeric pad. The bottom part of the laptop is made up of black magnesium alloy. The way vents are designed make it look like a powerful muscle car. Screen is 18.4 inches wide and provides sharp details and realistic images.


Do not be disheartened because of its weak battery life. It is more than just a gaming laptop. It is also a multi-tasking laptop. It has 16GB of RAM combined with Intel Core i7 processor making it a complete power house. Taking the processing power of the laptop to absurd levels. It has not one but two Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M GPUs that will let you play any game without disappointing you. Like any gaming laptop, it comes with pre-installed apps. For connectivity, you will have a variety of ports which enable you to connect nearly all devices. The webcam quality is ok. Not good enough when it comes to detail but produces a warm looking image. It can get hot but switching fans to turbo can help though fans will be noisy.


Equipped with Dynaudio speakers it has subwoofers located at the bottom. The audio is so loud that people can hear the sound even through closed doors. But loud is not always good. At times you might hear the flat sound and sometimes disturbing harshness. MSI GT80 Titan lets you play all you want, it enables multi-tasking for you along with all these features you can enjoy web surfing and with the pre-installed apps and upgrading options you can always have quick access to all entertainment sources.

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