HP Laptop Buying Guide


HP EliteBook Folio 1040

c04105006Welcome the latest laptop for your office space, the HP EliteBook Folio. Get the latest technology with Windows 8.1 with Gen Intel Core processors with its impressive speed and powerful performance. It is specifically designed for office usage with 720p webcam and noise cancelling DTS studio sound enabling you to collaborate with your colleagues in a better way. Get connected fast with display ports for monitors and projectors whereas USB 3.0 charging ports on either side of the machine allow for hassle free charging of mobile devices. Moreover, get your data secured with HP BIOSphere. It keeps mission-critical data and systems protected with customizable security. With processor speed of 260 GHz and 8 GB memory, it is a nice buy for you especially for office need. However, it is expensive and has a flatter touch pad. But overall it’s a nice catch.

HP ProBook 450 G2

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If you are in search of a multi-purpose laptop, which can work for both private and office use then HP ProBook 45 G2 is a perfect example of such laptop.  Its key features famous among the buyers are low heating, low system noise, good input devices, and long battery runtimes. With the Core i5-5200U dual-core processor, the ProBook houses a representative of Intel’s new Broadwell series. With a good speed of 2.70 GHZ and decent battery time, it is the most desirable laptop offered by HP.


HP Pavilion TouchSmart


HP brings out the maximum features in its superb and stylish device that is perfectly designed to meet the needs of the business professionals. The perfectly amazing display screen is a must have for a device like laptop. A perfect pixel density of 1366 x 768 pixel resolution making an image appear so crisp and smooth that your display appears super fine. The touch pad of the device is not just any touch pad. It is specially featured with a multi touch functionality. This option makes the work all quick and easy. HP has included USB 2.0 port, three lightning fast speedy USB 3.0 ports, HDMI port for professionals to deliver their presentation on big screen display or either on projectors, and SD card slot. With HP Pavilion work efficiently and avail the comfort zone you always longed for.

HP ProBook 430

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A perfect laptop for your business arena or anywhere you need. It is specially designed as a multimedia laptop giving you the liberty of choices and support to the various multimedia devices connections and can be used for this purpose easily. The laptop HP brings to you is fully compliant with the latest features. Thus this laptop is no exception making it fully compatible with all the versions of windows 8 and a preinstalled pack too. The device comes with an all boosted processor technology. This superb and amazing speed is powered by the Intel core 4th generation dual core i5 processor to give you an ultra-high speedy transitions. Laptop seems incomplete without various connectivity options to help you connect your remarkable device with other supportive multimedia devices and assistants. For this purpose Samsung equip its laptop with HDMI port, and USB 3.0 ports. For security purpose, the laptop is featured with the HP client security that ensures the security for your device and an optional finger print reader that allows the biometric system of security. The HP ProBook is a super combination of good design and awesome features, you won’t regret buying it.

HP 250

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HP 250 is an amazing laptop addition in its series with a benefit of a superb feature compact in the highly affordable price. HP 250 is a laptop made for you to take it along with you without the worry of having it damaged. It is specially made with the strong exterior that helps keep the exterior and the inner hardware of the laptop safe from the destruction of any jolts or jerks. The most affordable laptop HP brings an amazing features packed within such reasonable package. This device is powered by the fast Intel Pentium Processor that makes it fast and boosting device. The device has a built in microphone, speakers with amplified audio signal transmission, and integrated webcam all combine to give you a perfect video conferencing feature. The touchpad of the device is with this incredible feature of having a touch sensitive sensor. With this sensor the position and the movements of the finger or fingers is detected and allows the multi touch gestures facilities like pinch zooming, etc. with such all in one feature, how would you able to say it a no.

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