Features Evolving the Latest Laptops


Planning to buy a new laptop? Make sure you spend money on the one which gives you all the advanced features and latest technologies. In this fast growing technology world after every couple of years we are introduced to a whole lot of laptops which are completely different from the older generation. The fast pace with which laptops are advancing you always have to stay up to date for taking maximum benefit from your laptop. These are few things which have become must have for the computers of this modern generation, so make sure your new laptop includes all this.

• Broadwell CPUs

Let’s start with processing units which are the most essential part of a laptop. Intel has move forward from its previous generation of processors and has launched new Broadwell processor dubbed as Core M. This fan less processor is especially designed for laptops. They not just give you a better overall performance but also come with improved battery life.

• SSDs

If you own a three to four year old laptop then you definitely need an SSD for boosting your computing experience. SSDs are 300 percent faster than mechanical drives and bring dramatic changes in your computing. From fast boot up to instant loading of apps, SSDs give you everything which you always wanted.

• Touch Screen

Touchscreen laptops are available in market for quite some time but initially they cost you a fortune, but with passage of time prices of touchscreen laptops have reduced. Touchscreens have become an important part of a laptop because of all the convenience and ease they offer. Windows 8 is perfect for touchscreens in fact it is designed by keeping touchscreens in mind.

• Resolution

While discussing display how can we forget resolution? Resolution have the power to make a simple thing attractive, more resolution means a better entertainment experience. Few years back average laptops came with 1366 x 768 resolution but today we can easily find 1920 x 1080 or even higher screen resolution.

• Convertible Laptops

The biggest achievement in laptop world is the advent of convertible and flexible laptops. All the leading laptop brands are now offering laptops which can either fold back up to 360 degrees or they can be detached from the dock and can be used as tablet. Convertible laptops are perfect blend of laptop’s functionality and tablet’s comfort. These flexible laptops offer you several modes of use so you can set your laptop on the one which is most comfortable for you to deal with the task at hand.

• RealSense Camera

RealSense Cameras are comparatively a new invention and most of the latest laptops come equipped with it. These cameras have a standard lens plus also use two in depth sensors to detect your face and convert it into an avatar and gives accurate gesture control. This incredible camera lets you do 3D scanning of the objects.

• Security Features

Security has become biggest concern especially for those who keep their sensitive business in formation in their laptops. To provide you high class security today’s latest laptops feature Intel’s antitheft technology which let you work with complete peace of the mind especially when you are on the move. Biometric logins is also an incredible feature coming in new laptops, it includes finger print scanning which means no one other than the authorized person can log in to your laptop.

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