IoT Predictions for 2017

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2016 was an exciting year in the growing IoT space; however 2017 will be even better as 7 in 10 enterprise IT buyers are choosing to gather IoT data (Sources: 451 Research, IOT News). The same research shows that this number will increase throughout the year. So, what is expected in regards to IoT in 2017?  We’ve listed some predictions below:

  • As IoT grows, the amount of data generated will be huge, as the types of data and sources from which the data is gathered will also grow. The escalation of data will generate greater revenue for IoT, and eventually more devices will be able to analyse local data, and process the most relevant data for IoT services.


  • IoT security has been a huge topic of conversation, and hackers are expected to be an issue in 2017. The vice president of strategy at Micro Focus, Geoff Webb, stated:

With the number of IoT devices expected to reach into the billions, the potential scale of a well-coordinated IoT attack could be used to present a very real threat to the critical infrastructure of this country, online banking, emergency services, and commerce in general… We should expect IoT security to quickly become part of the national security agenda, and to see governments starting to evaluate the role of legislation and safety standards for internet connected devices.”

  • The connectivity that IoT allows tasks to become quicker and easier, however it will not go mainstream until a specific IoT standard is introduced. Cars, fridges and utility devices need to be connected with one another, so manufacturers require a standard to operate their products in a way in which they can connect. This is crucial to the success of IoT in 2017.


  • As IoT revenue increases, the technology will become more efficient which will make it more affordable and easier for consumers to purchase and operate. The demand for IoT services will also grow as a result, so any devices which do not have it are likely to hugely decline in the market.


  • IoT will pave the way for renewable and decentralised energy resources. The President and CEO of IOTecha, Oleg Logvinov, stated:

“In 2017 we will continue to see the shift from the centralized control to decentralized orchestration enabled by IoT. The energy sector is a great place to start. Proliferation of renewable and decentralized energy resources, energy storage, and electric vehicles transforms the operation of the grid and demands near real-time management of power generation and consumption”.


One thing’s for sure; IoT will revolutionise work and home life, and everything in between. We’re excited to see IoT predictions come to life this year, and in the future. Keep up with the latest tech news at

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