Showdown of iOS 9 Vs Android M


We all are familiar with Apple and Google’s rivalry, both have been very enthusiastic about the traditional animosity in the technology world. What’s more amusing is the fight among their fans. If we go through their comments on any social networking site, they not only fight on technical grounds but being so personally attached with the brand, they would only try to prove themselves right no matter what. Well, arguing on technical grounds does not only favor healthy competition but it also encourages healthy development in the industry,.


iOS 9 and Android M are the new rivals in tech town which are soon to be released this year. The fans are surely curious and excited about the launch and the offerings by both. Being so inquisitive, we would like to highlight some of the key features which are to be introduced by both of these tech tycoons.

Talking about their release dates, Apple is planning to release its iOS 9 somewhere in September whereas Google introduced its Android M on 28th May but it hasn’t announced the public release yet.

iOS 9 vs. Android M in terms of Compatibility

Compatibility is one important factor which would play a good role in determining the performance of both. Apple has made it clear that iOS 9 will be made available with free software updates. It will be compatible with almost all of the Apple devices such as iPhone 4s and its advanced versions. Same goes to iPod Touch and the generations of iPads.

Whereas, Android M will step in with relatively a slower pace as compared to iOS 9. This is mainly because of the large range of options android provides to its customers. It will take a little more time for Android M to fully adapt the technology ecosystem. Nexus owners should be more excited as Android M would be accessible on Nexus handsets in the very first release.


The most distinguished feature with which both iOS 9 and Android M makes an entry is regarding the payments. Both have been equipped with NFC contact less payments. What’s new in that? Well, you will now be able to use your smart phone even more smartly as it can now become your debit and credit card. This is a convenient feature by which the user will be able to make transactions in a quicker and easier way. Apple Pay would be more focused on UK users whereas Android Pay will be catering the US market first and later on will shift to UK.

iOS 9 vs. Android M: Features Showdown

The showdown is getting much hotter as we will now be discussing the other latest features of these up-to-date operating systems.

Apple’s iOS 9

  • The Apple’s Siri has gone more practical. This will function same as Google Now delivering constant reminders to the users. People will be able to spot new locations, find the most happening events in town by calendar app etc.
  • Moreover, by using iOS 9, you will have more multi-tasking options. The new split-over-split view and Picture-in-picture mode will let you run applications side by side and watch videos while doing other computing tasks respectively.
  • Apple users mostly have to experience battery issues. In order to counter that, iOS 9 comes with battery saving modes which would keep your devices running for longer.
  • A more useful addition Apple has introduced includes the public transit information in Maps. With this, you will be able to know the timings of departure and arrival schedules of the subway stations.

Google’s Android M

  • Coming to Android M, it familiarizes its users with ‘Doze Mode,’ this will act as an efficient power saving mode almost doubling up the battery life of your gadget.
  • Google Now has been improved enabling you to find your desired stuff such as any location while still staying on the other App you were using previously via ‘Google Now Tap.’
  • You will be able to customize the setting via the SystemUI Turner in Android M. With this, you can select the layout of your choice as well as uninstall any application from home page.

Wrap up

It would be too early if we come up with any sort of final verdict on this but few things are surely clear. Again iOS 9 restricts you to remain within the boundaries of Apple while Android doesn’t trap you like that. It gives you the freedom to fly on to any store and shop anywhere. The discovered features are quite similar, the power saving modes, the payment systems introduced and new changes in updating users are found in both the systems. We would hold on to our more detailed comments until it gets released publicly.

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