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After the release of Pokémon Go in July, it became an overnight global phenomenon, Nintendo’s market value sky-rocketed and re-established the fame of Pokémon! Pokémon Go lovers, you’ve probably already heard the disappointing news. Pokémon Go Plus has been delayed. However, the wait is almost over as the release is due this month! Nintendo later revealed after announcing the delay that they needed to perfect the new app before release.

Polygon lent a helping hand to Nintendo, stating “In order for us to offer new experiences to play Pokémon Go with Pokémon Go Plus with a quality level high enough to satisfy as many people as possible, we decided that it is necessary to take enough time for the completion. We ask for your understanding”.

So while there was a little disappointment, we should now be in for a treat.


What is Pokémon Go Plus?

This neat little device is not only a cool accessory but a helpful alert. When you’re close by to a Pokémon or PokéStop the device will flash and mildly vibrate. Upon purchase you’ll receive a strap, so you can either wear it around your wrist, clip it on to your clothes or keep it in your pocket. It also comes with a CR2032 lithium coin cell battery which powers the device. It is Bluetooth enabled, so connect it to your phone and it’ll track your location and Pokémon’s nearby to you. The app and device is allegedly priced at £34.99.


(Source: Pocket-lint.com)

It seems like Pokémon fanatics are waiting in unbearable anticipation. Not only is it an exciting new release but a handy one too. Walking around with your phone out can be a bit of a nuisance, reducing your battery and you might be a hassle to others; slowing down a crowd, bumping into people…It can also be a little dangerous. It was reported after the release of Pokémon Go and the initial excitement, that there was a significant increase in car and pedestrian collisions in the streets of New York. Walking around with your phone out can be a little dangerous at times too, putting you at risk of having your phone stolen.

Unfortunately, for Android users this app isn’t compatible. It is compatible with Apple iPhones, from the 5 onwards and you must have iOS 8 and 9. Whilst the iPhone compatible version is due to be released this month, Nintendo a while back claimed that from July onwards work on a Pokémon Go Plus app compatible with Androids would begin. So Android users may have to wait a little longer, but the app should be available to you eventually.

Pokémon Go Plus will be available on the Apple app store and you’ll be able to purchase the device from the Nintendo official merchandise store, as well as other online retailers such as eBay and Amazon. The device will also definitely be available on the high street, in stores such as Game, GameStop, Argos and HMV.

The original release was due in July and now already in September, no pre-order date has been released yet, so the wait continues. Hopefully it’ll be released soon!


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