PC Gaming is better than ever

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Since the launch of Windows 8, which is mostly based on mobile and touchscreen features, many have hinted that the era of the traditional desktop experience is over. Gabe Newell, the owner of Valve which is a world renowned PC game developer, stated that Windows 8 is a “catastrophe” for PC game developers. Laptop and tablet sales have been rising rapidly, in comparison to desktop computer sales which have been gradually decreasing in past years. This is bad news for the long-established PC gaming community. However, there are many reasons which show that the traditional desktop gaming experience will not be replaced by mobile and touchscreen gaming:

  • Highly popular and premium titles continue to be launched in the PC Gaming department. The PC gaming market features unique games which are exclusive to it, such as World of Warcraft –one of the most popular video games ever, and only available for the PC.
  • NVidia and AMD, two of the leading graphics card chip manufacturers, continue to display assurance in the PC gaming market. Both manufacturers are continuing to release new generations of graphic cards, in a range of different budgets, as they have been doing for many years. Gamers are spoilt for choice in the desktop gaming department, with more choices being introduced regularly.
  • PC gamers can experience sharper textures, higher resolution graphics and a possible surplus of user-made add-ons and customisations, depending on the games they play. PC gaming has formed its own unique niche over the years, which cannot be replaced by console gaming, as both platforms provide completely different user experiences.
  • An elitist community does exist in the PC gaming, as expert gamers strive to have the best graphics, sound quality, performance, upgradability and customizability –which may not be available in modern console gaming.
  • Consoles are preferred by casual gamers who would rather avoid PC gaming issues such as updating drivers and harder, system requirement checks and troubleshooting. However, expert gamers are not deterred by these issues, and continue to favour traditional PC gaming.

Although the interest in console gaming has risen in recent years, as gamers are driven by curiosity in what consoles have to offer. Nevertheless, it is evident that PC gaming has made a comeback. Chris Thursten, the editor of PC Gamer Pro magazine, set up the UK’s first ever PC-specific major gaming convention on 5th-6th March. He informed BBC Newsbeat that “PC gaming really came back into popularity a couple of years ago. Simply, I think, because it’s a much cheaper way of playing gamed once you have the technology to do it“. Apart from the advantage that PC gaming costs less than gaming consoles, Thursten also indicates that PC-specific games have been the catalyst for the rise of free games, which lead to the rise of e-sports games, such as League of Legends or DOTA. Free games such as League of Legends, which is played by 27 million people worldwide daily, are a major contributor to the ongoing popularity of PC gaming.

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