How to Prevent Your Facebook Account From Getting Hacked


Every now and then we hear people fretting over their hacked Facebook account. Hacking has become a common thing these days, either people have become carefree or hackers have become smarter. Hackers are always around us but we don’t recognize them. Some people hack accounts to get some benefits whereas others do it just for fun’s sake. A hacked account can create more disruptions and do more harm than we can imagine. If we don’t want to go through all these crisis it is important to keep our account safe and hidden from hackers. Facebook accounts get hacked more than any other accounts, or you can say it is easiest to hack. Here we are giving you few tips which will help you in staying protected against hackers.

Never Forget To Logout
Leaving your PC without logging out is similar to inviting hackers to your account. It is easiest to hack those accounts which are not logged out by their owners. Logging out is extremely important especially when you know someone else can also use the same PC.

Use Secure Browsing
It is better to get secure browsing when you are an active Facebook user. This feature prevents others from accessing your personal information by encrypting your activity on Facebook. For enabling secure browsing, go to your browser’s security setting, click on the secure browsing and check the box. Now you can browse securely through internet, especially Facebook.

Hide Your E-Mail Address
Many people don’t know how dangerous it can be to show your e mail address on the profile page. Your email address is also your Facebook username so it’s important to hide it. By making some changes in your privacy settings you can easily hide your e mail ID.

Cell Phone Login Approvals
It is better to enable you login approvals for staying safe. Login approvals is a feature which offers enhanced security. After enabling your login approval, every time you try to log in you will be asked to give a special code. Without giving that code you cannot access your Facebook account. While entering from a new device you will be given the option of saving that device, once you save it, the device will come in the list of recognized devices.

Never Give Your Login Info To An App Inside Facebook
There are some apps inside Facebook which are used for getting your personal information. Such apps are malicious so avoid using them. These kinds of apps ask for your log in detail and other personal information and later compromise your account. So avoid giving any information to such apps.

Never Create Predictable Password
One of the most common methods used by hackers is to guess the password. It is suggested never to keep a password which can be easily figured out by your friends or can be cracked by software. Use characters like =/*@: in your password because they make a password strong and unpredictable, plus a long password is also a strong password.

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