Top Favorite Useful Windows 10 Apps For You



VSCO Cam for Windows 10


Most of the people now-a-days have developed an immense love for photography. In order to make your photography experience more enjoyable, VSCO Cam works wonders for all those photography freaks who love to edit photos and like to create something extra-ordinary out of good shots. This user friendly app enables the user to capture, edit and share their photos with friends and family. Add various effects, modify color temperature, saturation, cropping, contrast and exposure level of your clicks. Download this incredible app to your Windows 10 and enjoy the added edit magic.


Kindle for Windows 10

kindlee 2

All those who love to read and always have thirst to read more books , kindle is the app for you and is surely what all bookworms can opt for. Read as many eBooks as many as you want anywhere by having this app. For your convenience, you can read every book’s first chapter for free and if you find the book interesting, you can even purchase it online and the book will be provided to you on your device. Not only that, it also offers its users to read all the Wikipedia articles offline. Adjust the text size as per your wish and enjoy reading your favorite articles and books comfortably.

Mercury Browser for Windows 10 PC



Is there any day of yours that goes without browsing? Certainly the answer would be ‘No’. browsing has become a part of our daily routine. The speed of browser depends on the internet speed and the browser you are using. If your browser is not serving you well then things tend to get really irritating. Facing some similar issues? Get your hands on the Mercury Browser to solve all your browsing needs. You can use this browser for both iOS and Android. It is intelligent enough to recognize the gestures which you can customize according to your ease. It enables the user to download files easily and lets you read stuff online smoothly.





Say hello to ‘Bluestacks’ the incredible emulator for running Android apps on Windows 10 smoothly. You must be well aware of many of the emulators around but the most recommended is Bluestacks by far. It acts as a perfect android platform for Windows 10 and is a boon for people who don’t use smartphones frequently. With this smart app installed in your computer, you can gain access to almost all of the Android apps available on the app store.


Citrix Receiver for Windows 10


Now here is an app for all you professionals out there, the Cirtix Receiver. It enables the user to easily access and manage enterprise files, desktops and applications from your computer system no matter wherever you are. It supports almost all the devices you are likely to use such as Linux and Mac desktops, iOS, tablets, Android and smartphones. Download it today and let windows 10 make your life easier and more organized.





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