Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (2015) Review


We have noted that for past couple of generations Apple MacBook Pro has received only minor modifications whereas other leading laptop brands have brought some dramatic changes in their laptops. From ultra-flexible convertible laptops to detachable books we have seen a huge variety in past few years, but Apple on the other hand has stick to its typical design and features.

Even though Apple has not changed much in it MacBook Pro but still it is capable of beating other popular laptops with its ground breaking features. Let’s have a close look at the latest 2015’s version of MacBook Pro so we can know more about its features and specs.


There is not much new in the design sector. We cannot see any major change from its launch in 2012. Having aluminum body this laptop weighs only 3.46 pounds which means it is highly portable and you can easily carry it around without carrying a bulk. Its slim profile casts a stylish and modern look plus makes you look smart while working.


It features same keyboard as of its predecessors. It has 1.5mm of travel and requires only 60 grams of force to press any key. With the snappy response of keys it gives you a comfortable typing experience. Not just keyboard, touchpad also gives you a smooth and intuitive experience. Its touchpad is different from other conventional touchpads, it uses electromagnets and haptic feedback to give a fluid touch experience. It has two levels of sensitivity, when you deeply press it with more force it opens more options and features.


MacBook Pro 13-inch leaves all other notebooks behind in terms of its display. It is one of the brightest and sharpest displays ever seen in a laptop, no wonder editors and designers prefer Apple MacBook over all other laptops. Featuring 389 nits, it is around 130 nits brighter than other typical displays.


The 2015 version of MacBook pro is equipped with super powerful fifth generation Intel Core i5 processor plus it is also loaded with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of faster flash storage. All these things combine together to make it powerful laptop which is capable of handling whatever you throw at it. In performance it is even better with Dell XPS 13 and Yoga 3 Pro having Core M processor. Most of the other such types of laptops are equipped with Intel’s 5000-series level GPU but Apple offers something extra to its users. MacBook Pro features Intel Iris Graphics 6100 GPU to give an extraordinary performance.


Webcam has become one of the must haves now. Understanding this need Apple has equipped it with FaceTime HD camera which lets you take most out of your web conferences with colleagues and video chatting with friends. It offers you crisp images with more details.


Apple’s latest MacBook Pro has almost an hour extra battery as compared to its previous version. The 2014 version lasted 10 hours and 44 minutes whereas 2015 version gives you around 12 hours and 4 minutes of productivity on a single charge.

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