5 Ways To Reuse Your Older iPad


New versions of Apple iPads are always better, slimmer and faster, no wonder it becomes hard for Apple lovers to resist this latest technology offered by their favourite brand. If you are also among those who are planning to upgrade your iPad and wondering what to do with your older iPad then you are just at the right place. Here I am giving you some ideas how you can repurpose your older iPads.

1. Keep It In Your Car
Keeping or in fact mounting your older iPad I the car is a good option. You can either mount it on the back seat so your children remain busy while long road trips and don’t bother you while you are driving or you can also mount it in the front. Mounting an iPad on the front will help you in keeping up with the navigation, playing favorite songs, taking pictures with friends and much more.

2. Use It As An Extra Monitor
Turn your old iPad into a slim and sleek touchscreen monitor you always wished to own. By installing the Air Display app you can make it work with a desktop. By connecting it to Air Display it can work as a second screen, so instead of using the original display screen you can sue this touch screen for working.

3. Keep It For Your Kids
Tired of giving your expensive new iPad to kids when they get cranky? Why not give your older iPad to kids so they don’t ask for the newer one. Delete all your apps and personal information from your old iPad and fill it with all the learning apps and games your kid loves to play. Believe me this will really help you in doing your office work or watching movies peacefully as kids will be busy with their own iPad. But make sure you specify time in which kids can use their iPad as excessive use can harm their eyes.

4. Make It A Kitchen Tablet
Tablets can also help you in kitchen by serving as High-tech recipe books. Combining power of internet with utilities like conversion charts and built-in timer iPads can prove as a great device for kitchen. Your older iPad can be turned into a kitchen oriented tab, just keep it in a protective hard covering which protects it from spills and splashes then fill it with all your favorite cooking related apps or book mark your favourite sites so you don’t have to fumble through things to get your desired recipe.

5. Donate It
There are plenty of organizations which help the less fortunate people by using latest devices and technologies, you can always donate your older iPad to them. This way you’ll be satisfied as you know your abandoned device is used for good cause. So find such organization and donate your iPad generously.

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