12 Things A Perfect Laptop Has To Have – Look Closely


Often you find the need to ask yourself, what are the factors that make a good laptop great? Maybe you are in search of a new laptop, that’s why find the need to find an answer to this question. The question is quite simple, but the answer quite complicated and perhaps require attention to even the smallest details. Also, every person has his/her own needs, requirements and preferences. Therefore, this question is deceptively tricky as well. If you want a note that you can leave around on your room table, then a desktop is your best option. But if you want to make the best of your machine, take it to classes to take down the notes, be more productive while you ride the subway, play high-end games or watch perhaps a movie or TV series all tucked up in bed, then you need a laptop that can offer you a variety of incredible features.

Let’s take a look at these features:

  1. Not A 2 in 1 Machine

188aYou are looking for a laptop and not a tablet, and if you need a tablet then there is no point in buying a laptop as well. Add to it, there is absolutely no point in getting both as well. Having said that, you don’t want those 2 in 1 devices as well that can serve both as a laptop and a tablet. While the idea of getting both a tablet and a laptop at the price of one and being able to perform both duties may sound great and appealing, but it cannot be what a good laptop should be. Bottom line, if you want an ultimate laptop, then buy a laptop only! It will have all those factors like fitting perfectly on your lap, longer battery life and many more a good laptop and only a laptop should have.

  1. A Great Snappy Keyboard:

Among many other things, the one thing that makes a laptop great is its keyboard. You cannot do away on your laptop without touching the keyboard. While performing every task, it requires you to touch the keyboard. In fact, being one of the most productive and comforting parts, the keyboard has to be great.

  1. A Good Quality, RealSense Webcam

You won’t find any laptop in the market in the present world that doesn’t have a camera. But, a webcam like that of RealSense by Intel has taken the entire concept of video chatting up a notch. This camera will allow you to do a number of things like removing your actual background and changing it into a wallpaper so that the next time you Skype with your boss, he won’t be able to see all the piles of dirty clothes stacked up behind you.

  1. Needs To Be Core i5 Or More

gx700_bodyFor the most part, a Core i5 processor for many users will be more than enough. Unless you are really into some high end animation, play games or edit complete movies, you can go a bit higher but a standard Core i5 is more than enough. Don’t go below that and you will be fine. But remember, every Core i number you go up, you need to throw in extra bucks. So if you have $200 bucks extra to spend, you can go for a Core i7.

  1. Lightweight Gadget

Often you have to go places and take your laptop with you. Or if you are a school going student, you will need to carry your laptop from one class to the other. If your laptop is a bit heavy-weight, it will be very difficult for you to take your laptop around easily. In fact, you simply cannot grab your laptop and run classes when it weighs a lot. That’s the reason why a good laptop should not weigh too much, should be easy to carry about. Having said that, the laptop shouldn’t be too thin.

  1. Good Number Of Ports

new-chromebook-pixel-2267.0What’s a good laptop without a good number of ports? If you don’t have plenty of ports in a laptop, don’t simply go for it. Many companies these days leave this feature out because they either want to cut down on the cost or they simply want to save in on some space. But what’s the point when you have to carry around heaps of dongles in your bag wherever you go? A laptop that can give you plenty of ports for different purposes is always a good deal.

  1. Real Button Touchpad

The laptop should have a touchpad that features real buttons so whenever you are sliding through some images or a presentation, you don’t have to use the keyboard. Give the keyboard a break for a while and make use of the touchpad. Many notebooks launched in the past didn’t have buttons on their touchpad. The buttons were built in. This is a very annoying factor when it comes to portable devices.

  1. Battery Life

35485881-dell-XPS-10-9754A good laptop should have a battery that lasts longer than usual. What if you have a train ride for a couple hours and there won’t be any place for you to charge your machine, or you are running late for a class and are left with no time to put your laptop on the plug. For times like these, you wished that your laptop had a good battery life.Well, you should buy one that has a longer battery life in the first place.

  1. Standard Features Can Be More Tha Enough

When you are not using your laptop for any high-end purpose, a laptop with standard features will be more than enough. In fact, most of the laptops you will find these days have specs you can get in any highly expensive laptop. Why would you want to buy a £2000 worth laptop? For all those amazing options and features you get in an inexpensive one? If you don’t have to compromise on a few main features in your laptop like screen resolution, functionality and keyboard comforts, then it’s a deal worth taking.

  1. Durability

hp-omenA laptop that is able to take a lot of wear and tear is worth a shot. You have to take your laptop places, sometimes in your backpack. You might sometimes use it a bit too roughly. For all these purposes and more, your laptop should be able to take a lot of endurance. If not, you will have a faulty gadget in no time.

  1. Removable Battery

The laptop should have a removable battery option. There are many that do not have this option. When you are at an airport for say, and the battery is running low, you will have to find a place near to a socket so you can plug in your device. This can be a bit annoying and frustrating. But when you have a removable battery option, you can simply take off the one with low juice and replace it with the fully charged one.

  1. Warranty Time

Laptops should have a fair warranty time, a year or two will be perfect. Don’t buy a laptop that doesn’t have any warranty at all. And if you get one with 6 months warranty, try to find some better options first and if you are not able to find one, then you can purchase that one.

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