Discover the 5 Latest WhatsApp Features of 2015


If you ask me which app I use the most on my phone, then it definitely has to be WhatsApp. And i’m sure the same would be the answer of most of the smartphone users out there.Over a short period of time this app has replaced phone texting to much extent. Well, why wouldn’t it? Packed with so many fun interactive features, one ends up faliing in love with it . But are you aware of the new features this app has recently introduced? Check them out and make the most of your WhatsApp experience. Right now, you won’t be able to install it through Google play store as it is not available on it yet but yes you can download it from the company’s website easily.

Mark the message as ‘unread’

I guess this is the top most commendable and most awaited feature introduced in the app. Ever imagined how many people would have had a fight or how many breakups have taken place on the basis of those ticks turning blue and not receiving a reply. Sometimes people do get busy and can’t reply instantly but humans are humans, they will always want to feel important.

This feature is not as great as it appears as the sender will get to know that you have read the message. All you can look after is highlighting the message indicating that you’ll be replying later. It might not be exactly what you were looking for but you have to admit that this is a useful feature,.

Colorful notifications

whatsapp-logo-vectorWe normally like to set different ringtones for our close family and friends, so WhatsApp has come up with a similar new added feature. Customize your contacts now by associating  different colors and ring tones so that you can recognize your friends and family as soon as the app rings. Moreover, you can also enable or disable vibrations for every contact.

Put individual contacts on Mute

 Previously, you could put groups in your list on mute mode, with this new feature, you can mute individual contacts too. Open up the about menu and check the Mute bar. Slide it to the right and give the command for how long you want to mute the contact.

Low data WhatsApp calling

Now save your money with this low data consuming feature that lets you make Whatsapp calls with lower data usage. To get benefit from this feature, all you have to do is tap on the settings and select chats and calls. Checking the option lets you save data even when making WhatsApp calls.

Google Drive in WhatsApp

This is not an introduced feature right now, but it is about to be introduced shortly. With Google Drive in WhatsApp, the user will be able to keep a back of all the chats done, would be capable of saving videos, voice notes, pictures by Google Accounts. Although not introduced yet, but this is a feature definitely worth looking forward to.

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